Download balenEtcher v1.7.8 for Windows

Balena Etcher
Balena Etcher

On this page, you can download Balena Etcher for Windows x64 and x86. The downloads are available in two variants; installer and portable. You can go with any of these two for Windows as per your preference.

Download Balena Etcher for Windows

File NamebalenaEtcher-Setup-1.7.8.exebalenaEtcher-Portable-1.7.8.exe
Size139 MB130 MB
Archx64, x86x64, x86

How To Install Balena Etcher On Windows

This section will demonstrate to you step-by-step How to Install Balena Etcher on Windows. So, let’s get started.

Note: Windows users can also use the run-only portable version of Balena Etcher as it doesn’t involve any installation process. However, if you use the portable version then you won’t be able to receive further software updates. But if it’s just about flashing a USB drive, then you surely can go for it. So, now let’s jump over to the instructions for the installation of the etcher.

1. Download Balena Etcher Installer for Windows.

2. Click on the downloaded file (e.g. balenaEtcher-Setup-1.7.8.exe).

3. Now, BalenaEtcher Setup will open with the license agreement. Just hit ‘I Agree’.

4. As soon as you hit the ‘I Agree’ button, the installation process will begin. The installation would take just a few moments and that’s it.

5. After completion, the BalenaEtcher will open. Now, you can go ahead and start flashing your USB Drives or SD Cards.